8 Simple Ways To Neighbor This Halloween

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At Generations Church we are currently doing a series called, Hello Neighbor. We are talking about what it looks like to put the great commandment into practice by taking one small step towards loving our neighbors. 

Halloween is a great opportunity to walk this out. It’s the one time of year where it's not considered unusual to knock on your neighbors door. Last year my wife and I grilled some hotdogs out front and invited our neighbors to stop by. This sparked other neighbors to do something similar at their house. By the end of the night we got to know our neighbors better and met some wonderful people. 

The goal is to simply get to know your neighbors. We want to show the love of God with no strings attached. It's important to view your neighbors as people, not as projects. You will be amazed at the opportunities you will have by simply taking the time to get to know people. Last halloween, my wife and I both ended up having some very meaningful conversations with our neighbors about faith, life and Jesus.

Here are a few simple ways that we can neighbor this halloween: 

1. Give out good candy. 
None of those orange giant peanuts here. Be generous and put a smile on the face of every child that visits your home. 

2. Have a party. 
Invite your neighbors over to your house, apartment or dorm. You can cook a meal, order pizza or just have a few snacks. You can even ask your neighbors to bring their favorite dish. 

3. Fire up the grill. 
In addition to handing out candy, grill some hotdogs, bake some cookies or serve some hot apple cider. This will encourage people to stick around and provide a chance to strike up a conversation. 

4. Attend a party. 
Jesus showed up at all kinds of parties. He was even accused of being a glutton and drunkard. I’m not saying to put yourself in a compromising position, use wisdom. I am saying don’t be afraid to be around people that are different than you. (Be sure and stick around afterwards to help clean up.) 

5. Have a conversation. 
Get to know peoples names, find out where they live and learn their story. It’s amazing how much easier it is to love someone when you get to know them. 

6. Go trick or treating as a group. 
Schedule a time and location to meet up with your neighbors and conquer the neighborhood together. 

7. Bring treats to the office or school.
This is a good idea any day of the year, but a holiday is a great excuse. Even if you just bring a classmate or coworker their favorite seasonal drink.  

8. Participate in community events. 
No need to reinvent the wheel. Attend the events happening in your neighborhood or city and invite your neighbors to join you. 

What are some other ways that we can neighbor? Leave a comment. 

author: Jody Earley